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Castlewood Capital leverages an extensive network of relationships to source the best-fit capital for your project. Capital sources include bank debt, private lenders, tax-based capital (such as municipal bonds, TIF, PACE, and tax credits), and preferred, LP, and Co-GP equity.

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Without a strategic business plan, organizations - from private developers, to local government, to private-public-partnerships - can't execute on their development projects.   Castlewood uses a proprietary planning method called "Values to Value" to get people and groups aligned on their mission, goals, and action steps.


From raw land to thriving community, Castlewood works in partnership with land owners to help them create their vision, build the best possible team of professionals around them, and manage the process until completion. Our method is to provide a high level of transparency, visibility, and accountability to each step of the process.

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Sustainable development pertains to both the built environment - including both clean energy and energy efficient buildings - and the natural environment - including developing projects in harmony with the natural surroundings. This requires Castlewood's unique set of relationships, capital sources, and planning tools. 


Castlewood Community Capital acts as a Capital Markets Advisor, raising Debt, Equity, and Alternative Financing for projects; as an Owners Representative, guiding owners through the development process and building best-in-class teams around them; and as an Organizational Strategist; facilitating strategic planning sessions within companies or among partnerships, improving their capacity to meet their goals and achieve their mission.

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